Friday, December 9, 2011

Using the Embed Tweets Feature in the New Twitter Interface

In the newly introduced (Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2011) online interface for Twitter, there an interesting feature that facilitates easier embedding of tweets into other online websites and blogs. The idea is pretty similar to embedding YouTube videos through HTML snippets that can be copied and pasted into a third-party website.

 I had to initially look around for the embed options... they're somewhat buried in the interface.

Here's a quick How-To Tutorial

1. “Open” a Tweet:
  • Mouse-Over Tweet 
  • You can click the Tweet text or click the “Open” link that appears when you mouse-over the tweet.

2. Get Tweet “Details”:
  • After opening the tweet, click on “Details”

3. Get to Tweet “Embed” options:
  • In the Detail view, click on “Embed this Tweet”

4. Select “Embed” options:
  • Select embed option: HTML , Shortcode or Link
  • Select alignment option for HTML or Shortcode embedding.
  • Copy the HTML snippet or Shortcode or Link: Your choice should be based on what works on your blog or website platform. HTML Snippets will probably work on most sites. Tweet Shortcodes are currently only compatible with a few select web platforms such as Wordpress.

5. Paste the HTML snippet or shortcode to the blog or website:
  • Here's how the HTML snippet from the example above renders on my blog:
  • I can improve the look-and-feel by including my desired style formatting... such as adding a blue border - ooooh! :-)

That's it... easy peasy :-)

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