Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Informatician - Blog Overview

Key Definitions:

someone who practices informatics

the art, science and human dimensions of information technology ; the interdisciplinary study of the design, application, use and impact of information technology

Subject Matter of the Blog:

My intention in starting this blog is to discuss and learn about current and upcoming information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their applications for public end-users as well as organizations.

By virtue of my own professional and academic pursuits, I am particularly interested in the discussing challenges and opportunities in the areas of Virtual Communities; Web Engineering ; Web 2.0 Technologies; Web Services; Social Media; Information Security; and Electronic Human Resources Management.

Orientation of the Blog Writer:

My philosophy as an informatician is fundamentally based on my conviction that the design and deployment of technologies is more than just a technical pursuit, and as informaticians, we strive to bring attention to the intricate relationship between technologies and their social and organizational context of use in real-world settings.

My own predilection as an informatician is at the intersection of management and sociology, and most of my work as an academic and an industry consultant has been in the areas of social informatics and business informatics.

Below is a visual depiction of how I think about informatics. Please note that this is purely my own viewpoint - you might have an different position on the same subject.

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